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Rudolf: <no nicer picture available else> :-)

BTW: because in real life I'm rather unassuming (possibly nobody out who will believe that now?) I have placed myself at the very beginning of my homepage... And for those who urgently want to know, here come the usual facts about rank, revolutions per minute etc:

Born in Nov. the 28th 1958 in Hof/Bavaria. Have 3 brothers, the youngest one (Robert) is managing the farm in the 'Heimat' .

After the 'Abitur' (=qualifying for university entrance) I made the first real 'experiences of life' at the 'BW' (=German Federal Armed Forces) and learned that on earth there are not only wise people but for instance also armored infantry riflemen and their superior officers.

But 15 months later the fuss was over and I could devote myself to the studies of physics in Bayreuth . As Bachelor of Science I left Oberfranken (=an administrative district in Bavaria) in 1985 while a jobsearching look into the SZ (=a wellknown German Newspaper) beamed me beyond the 'Weißwurstäquator' (=the river Donau) quite naturally.

Besides my work in the office (where I BTW like to go to although (or just because?) in the meantime I have to deal there more with computers than with physics but also because I'm getting on well with my colleagues) I'm of course not only sitting stupidly in front of my box here and typing in any homepages: no, sometimes I'm also surfing a bit on the NET...

Apart from that I like playing squash (and do that quite regularly) and also use to go running. If the weather is fine I'm doing a little local bike tour now and then. Sometimes I'm also training my fingers a bit on the e-piano. As for the rest I let the others do the big world tours. I'm just fine at home. (Now did I finally compromise myself with that? ...I couldn't care less).

So if anybody now still wants to know more he (or she) is encouraged to write an EMail . And if nobody is writing? Doesn't matter either. The main reason for my homepage was blessing the world with my assembler because I myself am sucking enough freeware from everywhere especially linux related one. Isn't that very noble? :-)

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